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Scott Adventure T7 Crashbars
Crash Bars

Full Protection, not too bulky – 25mm carbon steel tube. Well mounted on the frame using high tensile steel brackets. Finish – Black powder coat


Scott Adventure T7 Instrument Cluster
Instrument Cluster Support

Simple metal stay – to support the instruments and stop the vibration on rough roads. This system is easy to fit and does not bypass any of the rubber mountings. (Tool provided) Finish - black powder coat.


Scott Adventure Tail tidy
Tail Tidy

A one-piece unit to replace the OEM Plough. No cutting required – all existing lights and wiring are used. Finish – black powder coat.


Scott Adventure T7 Racks
Pannier Racks

Compact – 19mm carbon steel. Easy to fit and allow protection to the panels and exhaust. The frames also have a mounting for a compact tail rack. Finish – black powder coat.


Scott Adventure T7 Footpeg extension
Foot Peg Extension

20 mm Length extension for the OEM foot peg – easy bolt on stainless steel and strong. Finish – Etched matt.


Bash Plate

All the protection you need – 6mm aluminium – mounted in OEM bolt positions. Finish – lridized aluminium


Short Levers

A must for adventure riders - TAKE BACK CONTROL !!


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